Binghamton University Art & Design

ARTS 486: Computer Graphics

Senior graphic design major at Binghamton University.

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As We May Rethink Sketch

My initial ideas for the Camera of the Future was to modernize it to keep up with today's industry standards. The Camera of the Future will require bluetooth connection and a mobile smartphone app to utilize its full capabilities.

Functional Specifications

Microcam Userflow Diagram

The diagram consists of four speicifc users with intentions of using the Microcam & accompanying app. The app user flow displays the elementary processes in starting up and using the Microcam application.

User Flow User Flow XD Alternate View XD


Skincare questionnaire given to 15 participants regarding their skincare routine, habits, and purchasing factors.

Skincare Questionnaire


Response key to the questionnaire.


Data Portraits

Finalized version of data portraits based on skincare questionairre.


Closed Studio Night

Final example of one data portrait for use at Closed Studio Night.

Final Image